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I have always been drawn to working with my hands especially when I am able to create things that can be used by family, friends or others who appreciate and enjoy the beauty of one of a kind items. I’ve spent my life experimenting with different media, from wood to metal, textiles to paper.


But, I really fell in love when I discovered clay about 20 years ago. The creamy feel of the clay in my hands, the meditative affect of the potter’s wheel as it spins, the excitement and anticipation of opening the kiln after a glaze firing. Even the chemistry, which I finally understood when it was time to start formulating glazes, all inspire me. 


I love sharing my creations with others and I enjoy teaching students who, I hope, will find the same passion for clay and pottery I have.

When work is created their is often small flaws, that aren't there on machine manufactured pieces. I like to let some of these stay there, when they don't impact the function of the piece, as a celebration of the hand made nature of my work.

Being a practical person, who loves to cook, my favourite pieces to make are functional work. Bowls, mugs, casseroles, serving dishes and other items that I want to see used on a daily basis. I use both stoneware and porcelain which makes the work both strong and durable. Feel free to use and enjoy my pottery every day - in the dishwasher oven or microwave.


I love colourful things so have recently started using more bright colours. I've also been experimenting and loving both carving into the clay and making large pieces of work. The colourful, carved work, especially the larger ones are more decorative but still functional while also making great items for decorating your home.

Finishing throwing a bowl
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